Frequently Asked Questions

Dental cares require lots of time to examine the client, brief the client and allow the client to make informed decisions. Good time also needed to carry out dental procedures without rushing or cutting corners and to carry out infection prevention control measures. Being on appointment saves you endless waiting for your turn in the clinic.

Many people have a phobia of visiting dentists. Fear of pains, drills, gadgets etc. The best way to manage your anxieties is to go with the mind that your visit to the dentist will be beneficial, not detrimental. If injection needs to be given, it’s for good to control pain. Go with a well prepared and relaxed mind. Don’t delay. Those who run away from visiting dentists often end up running to the dentists at odd times.

Not a norm. It all depends on individual needs and choices. An individual client on the dentist chair may have 32 teeth ( Adult) or 20+ children/teenagers. One,  few or many of those 32 teeth may need different treatments.

  • Do your bits at home on meticulous oral hygiene practices.
  • Watch what you eat and drink.
  • Use your safety belt while driving.
  • Don’t use your teeth to open bottle tops or crack hard bones.
  • Early and regular visits to the dentists.
  • Choose your clinic
  • Ask questions on infection prevention control
  • Develop trust in your dentist
  • Disclose your relevant medical history
  • Follow post-operative instructions
  • Take your medications as prescribed

Dental clinics all over the world open day time. Most do not open on weekends and Public holidays.
If there’s a need for dental consultation at such times, your options may be to:

  • Take available analgesics
  • Gaggle with warm water + salt
  • Phone your dentist?
  • Go to the Accident & Emergency Unit of a nearby hospital
  • Visit your Gp or Medical Doctor or a Pharmacist.


  • Avoid irrational use of antibiotics
  • Avoid using “touch and go” solutions and anything that will worsen the situation.


Adults are having and completing Ortho treatments now
Be mindful of dos and don’ts while you have the braces on.

Moving teeth into alignment and retaining them from scattered positions often take time.
Do not be in a hurry to remove the braces. Use your retainers pretty well to prevent relapse.